I have a ton of experience in Photoshop and Lightroom. I'm very comfortable with retouching studio portraits, where you can be very picky because you can see so many details in the skin. I do work in the skin tone and texture, clarity of the eyes, remove excess hair in the face and on the head, dodge and burn to manipulate the shadows and highlights to bring out a more flattering look, and also i correct for lens distortions.

I also love to create the right mood in lifestyle and travel pictures. Vibrant and clear, i love to work with color, and im very good to recreating certain looks. 

I am no stranger to product and food photography and editing. If it is a product shot in the studio, or food shot on location, it does not matter

As i said earlier, i love color and photo manipulation can be fun as well. Here are some examples of more creative, and less realistic editing.