3 easy tips on composition!

When it comes framing and composition you can do it in so many ways. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you want to capture what's in front of you in the best possible way. Here are a few quick tips on how to do just that with examples!

1. Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a classic composition guideline. It basically means that you should imagine a 3x3 grid over your photo and put interesting points where the lines meet or along the lines. (these lines can be displayed on your screen on a lot of cameras, search through your settings)

One simple example is not to put the horizon of your landscape shots dead center in the frame. See if you find the sky or the foreground more interesting and put more of that in the frame when you are shifting the horizon up or down in the frame.

2. Leading lines

Lines is everywhere, and you should think about them more! Use them to lead the viewer's eye to where you want your audience to look. 

In the first example above, the sky makes an arrow that points down on to my subject, and you instantly focus there. In the second example you have a leading line which leads you away in the frame, and the bright spot on the path makes for a good place to focus your attention to.

3. Natural framing

Another super easy way to make people look where you want is to put a frame around your subject. It can be leaves around your subject or shapes you find in doorways and in tunnels.